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Однажды сказанное

Случайно выпавшее

Свои афоризмы, цитаты, высказывания, не крылатые выражения


День рождения – гуляют все,

а хорошо одному…


Ума мало,

опыта кот наплакал,

но зато такой мудрый!


Когда «косячили» – не подставлял,

если «бил» подчиненных,

то не больно.


Ну, распилил я гирю.

- И шо дальше?


Он так сильно подпрыгнул,

что забыл – зачем?


Не «китайская» лапша

Уши «сушит» не спеша


Тяжко – когда не знаешь,

а когда ещё и забыл…

- Что забыл?

- Что не знаешь…


Какой бы «сукой» не была бы женщина –

мужчина всё равно остаётся «сволочью»…


У некоторых бизнесменов есть патологическая неспособность

читать дальше первой страницы


Лучше сдохнуть в деле,

чем помереть в больнице


Не задавайте мне вопросов –

И вам не придется краснеть


Я понимаю, что ты – женщина,

Но я не понимаю,

 почему ты хочешь понимать всё как мужчина


Как бы высоко я не был –

всё равно находился тот, кто плевал сверху

Как бы низко я не падал –

всё равно появлялся тот, кто протягивал руку за помощью


Те, кто понял – молчат,

Кто не понял – беснуются


Люди, страдающие весельем и остроумием,

 живут дольше


Да коты ближе к мужчинам,

 чем мужчины к женщинам,

наступит март и вы вспомните об этом


Человек начинает стареть в тот момент,

когда перестает воспринимать всё новое

с той же скоростью как большинство окружающих


Нет, у меня сервис не полный:

Ежики есть, а тумана нет…


Время нельзя найти –

оно каждую секунду другое…


Вы посадили черенок для будущих граблей,

на которые вам суждено…


Халявы не существует…

Халява – это искушение…

Взяв халяву, мы даем разрешение на то,

чтобы у нас что-нибудь забрали

или что-нибудь не дали нам в этой жизни…

Мы этого не замечаем и поэтому считаем,

что халява для нас проходит безнаказанно…

Только мы что-то теряем или не получаем в 10,

100 или в 1000 раз больше чем получили в виде халявы…


У времени нету дат –

Даты выдумал человек…


Не берите в голову то,

что туда не помещается


У фактов нет оправдания…

И фактам не нужны оправдания


Пьяный мужчина – животное,

пьяная женщина – дьявол…

Technical translation

Original in Russian language - Тихий Шелест Осенней Листвы


Used to like to read fiction

Now like to watch fantastic films


Once decided something to pile.

Kind of unique. Until only the start.

Perhaps, this is «Until only the start» forever.

Don’t know how to finish.

Perhaps, will have time – free from thoughts to «mining» the money.

I to continue in this time…


Quiet rustle of autumn leaves


One year has passed only… We all have a strange feeling – Why we survived exactly.

Have you ever been punished? Probably it was for us the punishment. Survived.   

Or we all simply been forgotten in this leapfrog.

Perhaps they, too, are mistaken foolish. 


Only here is at whom - at them? Igor was hysterical yesterday – later he fell in a faint.

He doesn't endure a rustling of leaves.

At the beginning he broke out in a cold sweat, then him started to shake from chill.

So that had to hold him, and later he did not withstand - pass out.


Can be understood his – he saw more than all of us… This quiet rustle.

A year ago I couldn't think that'll be afraid this. Banally but this all started suddenly.

We all, each, where lived before, little funny: where lived before.

Can we say now that we live?


Well all right… where lived before - walked in street.

We all had a strange feeling that something happens.

Some unknown power began to cover all around.


Nothing didn’t change, but each of us twisted inside directly.

The others didn't – they ingenuously doing that what to do before this,

standing at the bus stop, buy water at a kiosk.


The effect is stunning - a man walks and suddenly it no, with all internal,

he is not burned, not shot down…

Times and there, along with clothes and shoes.

Silly, but the most interesting thing disappeared children: a fraction of a second we all noticed something shaken their eyes.

Such that they can see that their eyes became incredibly huge…

And then the child disappeared in a split second.


Noboby by us didn’t understand what happens

We All knew what to do – run.

Eerie feeling: your stomach from fear literally begins to wind down

Now I can't eat many, more five spoon of soup just didn't ingest

From this absorbing fear you running, without looking back.


Running speed is so mad that my lungs choking overpowered clotted stomach.

Two seconds after riven throat ... and running again.

I still don't believe in that so I can run -

muscles groan from voltage,

but shocking fear does not give to stop…

I want to live…


Again this incredible quiet rustle of leaves.

It cannot be confused – you understand that in this time somebody gone…



Their authority invisible - result shocking.

No blood, no moaning, no cries.

People's faces are not distorted by pain,

they do not feel what was happening to them,

they do not notice it.

They disappear – only quiet rustling of autumn leaves…

Indeed, do these sounds may become so hateful?


My fear saved me, my body was able to escape…

I can not get away - it's impossible to forget.

This condition – inside, nothing to save, nor desire to live, eat, breathe, to love…

Have you ever been punished. Probably it was for us the punishment. Survived.


I want kill someone, but whom? Who – they? And that – they?

Maybe this is it?

Maybe this is not it, and otherwise? What is this? For what?

Free answers does not happen?

         FOR what merits we are alive?


Because a well-run away or from what our stomachs turned in fear in such tubes,

that food will not go in it, except food for toddlers?


Then came the darkness.

None of us realized what happened with the sun.

Was not cold, but it was dark.

The funny thing is, the predators were frightened most of all.

Stronger than all – wolves.

Their howling was infinite, their number unbearable.

At the beginning we all were afraid of them,

but somehow shocked us all one and the same thought:

- Wolves howl from helplessness, they are not predators.


         We have become cruel to him.

Each of us, suddenly stumbled on a some pack easily kick them away.

They squeal was initially shocking – since yelp the forever deprived…


Power over predators reveals something hidden inside, but unbearable.

Too bad, wild, unrestrained and unbearably from this break.

We all enjoyed.

Most of all Timur, he got here, from Africa to the Caucasus, and there is no wolves, but there's lions and hyenas.

His stories about the helplessness of the hyenas, that the huge cats are not able to do anything.

Just hide their heads under the legs and also as wolves howling wildly.


We eventually get tired after two days.

We occasionally, when it was impossible to move through the city or the forest, apply customary, habitual action

- the kicking cleared itself of the road.

Former predators with a wild squeal and insult fled away.

         I felt sorry for them - former predators. They are no more.


Interesting to look at, of course, if in the dark it'll notice,

how is the reaction of the former preys.

In the forest I came across the elk and decided it to slay any way.

A month after that incident what happened I began to starve, and before the next city hobbled.

         Now, elk was not yet tired of despair.


I not alone who want to slay it. On the other hand this horned a silhouette flashed.

We asked simultaneously: - Are you alive?

Then the air of the forest, invisible and gloomy, to tremble from our neighing.

Started madness. All hoofed and non-hoofed animals ran.


They didn't understand where to go, why I want to run, shrieking, moaning the crushed, whacking of someone's hoofs on someone's teeth.

And we, together, I and she pressed against trees, were trying to see each other and not to lose.

Not to lose in this madness animals, birds, swarm of bees and hissing snakes.


She was beautiful. More truly she is still beautiful. Survivor.

         A little fall cheekbones from hunger and infinite running. We acquainted.

Strange, but neither she nor I know where we are at the moment.

We only know where we are. She is from the Moscow suburbs, and I from the South Urals.

More stupid meetings cannot imagine.


Still this time we killed elk.

She to have a knife, but she can't cut meat downright, can't skin.

         The smell of blood a little intoxicated.

We had not eaten normally long time, all somehow food scraps.

Kindled fire quickly, howl arose again, but it quickly abated.

We did not see around us formed a ring of animals.

In their eyes reflected all the indignation of the shame that you're not the same,

who earlier was.               

Sunlight is not seen it already, perhaps, with a month.


Her name – Rita. Nor Natasha, nor Irina, nor something else. 

         For me the name of the usual.

To the place where she used to live – no. She is only 17 years.

         Surprisingly, she survived.

Then I realized why - she runs away very well, quickly and for a long time.

Me too.

It is very strange that the runners will survive only. A little sad.


We overeaten - we decided better of overeating, but not to run.

Albeit… Only one memory makes your muscles tense up so as on a starting line.

We are both crazy - decided to see who be the best in running.

The result of survival - not a each day (bother!) or rather, no a each night, you cannot be relaxed.

We are lucky for some reason… The rustle was not.


Gathered all that we could carry, we moved further.

Walking it cannot be called.

So, Jogging, which can be in a snatch at a hundred metres immediately to duration 5 or 10 kilometers.

Usually I crossed 5-7 kilometers in order to escape, she somehow more.

Perhaps her fear more, or she is better to hear or feel this rustle.


We started playing: remember all that was erased.

Can I name on the city as before, if there is no one lives in.

There is none inhabitant.

Probably you remember this old game - "Names of towns".

Now, this game about past.

Someone suspected that the Internet will be erased due to a lack of users.

There is no one who wishes to use it - inutile substance - Internet.


Running exhausting, go on walking does not allow by cowardice or a sense of security.

What is the difference, I and Rita  are simply fall down on the ground of powerlessness.

We lay long and shiver in anticipation of the rustle.

Some time passes, we soothed by lights. It is the eyes of the animals.


I don't know, either we become different to see, or actually their eyes began to glow.

The thought  broke me even: may eyes began to shine for security purposes so as not to collide with one another.

Predators dying now.


Her conclusion discourage – immediately evident that she graduated from the high school recently, and I already eight years as not sitting at the desk.

         Its conclusion is very simple: no sunshine - there is no oxygen, plants is already not works.

All those who survived, eventually suffocate from an overabundance of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen.


Now I am angry.

Why would she caught me on the way, she would run itself in the other direction.

If women all surviving in this world are so smart, how do we - males will survive.

She was funny, she understood, telepathist damn.

Indeed, dark-haired, in dark, and her eyes are not shining.

Yes, and runs faster than any of witch on a broom.


She says that will not leave.

Of course, I want a lot and believed as the most recent

(and suddenly indeed the most) a fool.

This is like a new Adam and Eve.

That is time to rename, where the place to submit of documents  for an official re-registration.  

We ran away again…